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Marguerite-Bourgeoys Language Institute

Immersion Program

The Marguerite-Bourgeoys International Language Institute’s summer camps create a holiday experience that makes learning English or French fun and fosters open exchange and communication between students and instructors.

The program includes three hours of English or French lessons every weekday morning in a group of 16 to 20 students. Your afternoons will be devoted to different cultural and sporting activities, which develop creativity and allow you to learn while having fun alongside your classmates and instructors. At a summer camp in the countryside, you will discover the region’s character and charm while having access to outdoor sporting activities. An outing to Montreal is also planned.

Moreover, language classes are based on the Communicative Approach, which focuses on conversation. This approach allows students to make rapid progress and to develop their communication skills quickly. Teachers and language monitors are at the group’s disposal and remain available throughout classes and during activity periods.

City and country

This program invites you to discover the beautiful landscapes and natural wonders of the Laurentians. Located north of Montreal, this land of lakes and mountains allows you to participate in many different sports. Your summer camp is by a lake, where you can take part in outdoor activities and end the day with cheerful group festivities. The camp’s lifestyle is based on cooperation and sharing, and favours the growth of team spirit.

During the trip to Montreal, you will discover the second largest city in Canada (1.6 million inhabitants) and the metropolitan centre of the French province of Québec. The city bears a uniquely French character while remaining cosmopolitan and multicultural. Its historic and ethnically diverse neighbourhoods, as well as its world-class museums, await you. Exciting events and a dynamic cultural scene — in English and in French — will enchant you.

Typical schedule

Typical schedule


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Montreal, bilingual and multiethnic City, Québec, Canada